Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rolls, rolls, and eventually more rolls....

And I am not talking about my belly lol.
I made Gillian a crochet clutch (inspired by the MANY many tutorials available) and from there decided to do crayon rolls for my kids.
Don't mind the non-centered button, and the wonky curve
 Gillian doesn't :)

Bows are easy to make look good.

 I still need to make one for Devon, but they are pretty quick to whip up so probably tonight I'll make his.
A spot for pencil crayons, a notebook and even a pencil sharpener pocket

Cute little butterfly appliques

A shot of the awful awesome after-nap hair lol

A spot for needles and pins

And on a completely unrelated note:
The OLGA hat makes its debut!! (I named it for Gillian)

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  1. Wow! You follow lots of blogs. Did you make the Olga hat? The "rolls" are pretty cool. Cayley looks so organized.


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