Saturday, July 16, 2011

Potty Stars

I really need to figure out some cooler sounding titles. But these are exactly as they sound.

We are in the process of potty training my 2 yr old daughter (who just happens to be a fan of Dora- surprise surprise) so I came up with a reward system based on her favorite show (if you had this idea first- I didn't know so I am claiming it as my own! :)
Here's how it works :
When she pees/ poops she gets a star (because Dora collects stars to put in her star pocket in her backpack) to put in the 'Backpack' jar. Yay!!
If she has an accident 'Swiper' gets to 'swipe a star from backpack'.
When she fills up 'Backpack' she gets a prize :)
Simple enough, hopefully it helps....either way its better than her raiding my chocolate chips for every "attempt" (yes, she began just going into the bathroom to claim an attempt at going pee and was eating an enormous amount of Chip-its!!!)
If you'd like one for yourself, all I did was google the images, picked ones I liked, printed and mod-podged onto some clean jars.
I originally wanted stars that were wearing panties (to tie in the theme) and I DO NOT suggest entering that into google...oh boy was that ever a brain fart lol!!


  1. Love Love Love this!!! I definitely need to make this. We need to start potty training but I'm dreading it. My son just turned three and I keep putting it off. I laughed out loud at your google search:) Any advice on potty training would be very helpful!! Keep me posted.

  2. That is genius! I am potty training my son and I am doing this!

  3. Such an adorable idea! My little one loves Dora and we have been looking for a good potty reward system. Thanks to you, I think we've found it!

  4. Where did you find the star images? Found backpack and swipe with no problem but can't seem to find any stars.

    1. alfabet/dora_l.jpg&TExt=Kids-n-Fun | Coloring pages: L Little Star &kleurplaten=171

      I think that I just used this coloring page :) Hope the link works.


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