Sunday, July 31, 2011

All my goodies!!

As I mentioned on Friday, I got to take a trip in to the city (yay) and got to go SHOPPING!! Here's a peek at some of my awesome finds.

There's a peek at my new fabrics (and they were all on clearance!! Score!!) Not quite sure what I'm gonna do with them but I'll be starting as soon as I get over looking at the beginnings of a collection :)
This is Chris' (my handsome hubster) new wallet. Isn't the wood grain awesome?! I totally picked it out.
Lacy nail decals...I'm gonna have some purty purty toes. My daughter has laid claim to the princess crowns, but the lace is all MINE!
I found an easy tutorial on google a while ago(can't remember the site now) on how to do the feather extentions. I am so excited!
My present from my momma that came in the mail right before we left, I LOVE this belt!
My diva daughter couldn't leave the house without her purse; complete with makeup (the play stuff that I made), cellphone, peg dolls and cars. That little thing sure holds alot!

And my favorite thing I bought....
Aren't they freakin' CUTE!!! Can't believe this pic is blurry but OMG these are the cutest things ever! And they cost a whopping $3, thats right three dollars. Awesome.


  1. You got great stuff!!! And I love your daughters shoes---my little girl would be so into them as well. I just barely bought her a ridiculous pair of shoes---they are plastic Tinkerbell shoes and cost $16...oh well. I can't help it. Little girl shoes are too fun.
    ps---you scored on the fabric as well

  2. I threw some nice ribbon in the pkg I sent to add to your collection.

    Post, post, post, post, post.


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