Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Heeeere's Jack!

I'm sure by this point, you've probably heard of "The Elf on a Shelf", or seen pictures of him. He is EVERYWHERE right now, all over blogs and pinterest (that totally counts as everywhere). Well, I didn't really feel like coughing up the $40ish for the actual one. Plus I wasn't really feeling that elf. Sorry to everyone who loves him...he's alright, just not my type. lol. So I figured I'd give making my own a go, and for my trial elf I am happy that we decided to go that route. I think I may make a couple more before we decide on our elf, but homemade is just better, IMO.
I found a free pattern here, that I adapted slighty to suit my elf. I pointed the hat, and curved the toe of the shoes. It was an AWESOME pattern to work with.
I tried to make bendy arms and legs by adding wire, but it didn't work out super well. It does bend, but its kinda wonky. W/E, not a big deal.
I added some rosy cheeks by rubbing a pink crayon onto the apples of Jacks cheeks. And I totally (not) made his smile crooked on purpose! And I thought I'd even throw an easy little printable out here for those of you who want a little story to go with your Elf (and are also not wanting the Elf on a Shelf kit). I know I am totally ripping off that idea, but I'm choosing to call it inspired by instead. Sounds better :)
Just click on the pic, and you should be able to print or save it. Hopefully. If not, shoot me an email and I can send it to you.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Handmade Holiday

I know everyone has/is doing their own version of a handmade Christmas series, so I have decided not to add to all that with an actual series. Cause who wants to try and compete with all the awesomeness already out there? So instead I am extending the challenge that has already been extended to me...everyone following so far?lol!

My Mom challenged herself, my sister and I to make each others gifts this year. Nothing bought (with the exception of supplies of course). So thats two completely handmade Christmas gifts for me to get working on. One of which needs to be shipped. Before Christmas.

 Challenge extended. Try making at least one persons gift, entirely. It will totally be worth it. And to help, I will share some ideas, recipes and things over the course of the next month and a half or so that I have found, or come up with or whatever.

In the words of the great Martha, " A handmade holiday, its a good thing!"

in other exciting news (not exciting at all, I lied)

This is my daughters new onesie I made. Its the Dalai Lama's handprint (shes pretty peaceful, its fitting lol). Which she pooped all over the first time she wore it. I mean all over! So I washed it- no stains YAY. And she pooped all over it again the next time.
Its still stain-free but I have questioned whether she gets to wear it again. Maybe I'll just keep creating for the kids who don't poo on my projects!
Eeeeehh, she`ll probably keep getting stuff. She`s lucky shes cute :)