Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flower Clippies

Here is probably the easiest tutorial ou there. Lots of people have them, and really, these are one of those things that you can really put your own spin on.
Step 1:
Find some synthetic fabric- natural stuff won't work. I used an old satin shirt. Cut out circley type shapes. No need to be exact (unless you want to), you can experiment with different shapes if you want. I prefer circley-ish shapes but power to ya.

Step 2:

Find a candle, lighter or some sort of fire source :) and singe the edges of your circles. The fabric will curl and you can play around with it until you are happy with how it looks. Repeat for all your circles. I also like to singe it a bit in the middle, it helps it look flowery.

Step 4: Stack 'em. Simple right, you can glue each layer down or hand sew them together, either way stack 'em until you like your flower.
I sewed mine together and used a button in the center- could easily just glue it down instead. Now glue it to a ribbon lined clip and
Sorry for the blurry pic, it looks much cuter in person, I've also used these flowers on shirts and as brooches. Have fun and let me know how it goes :)

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