Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Gramma

I am so into the hand-stamped jewelry, especially the washers. They are so casual, and easy to wear. Apparently they were big last year, but I'm from a small town in Canada and we are "soooo last year" lol. It takes awhile for trends to hit us here.
I made one for my mom, it says "Gramma" on the front and all her grandkids names on the back ( sorry for the double 'l' on Elena's name, my stamp jumped and I pretended it didn't) and one for myself that says Mom on the front and all my kids names on the back (which coincidently is all the grandkids). I strung it on some leather cord, and attached some clasps- Mom your clasp is really pretty- and TA DA some hip, personalized jewelry using stuff you can buy at the hardware store.

Friday, June 24, 2011

A GREAT free printable for your kids!

Yesterday, as most Thursdays go, I found myself needing a quick activity to do with my girls (age 2-3) that didn't require alot of effort, planning or time. With only about 30 minutes to go untill lunch, it needed to be EASY. And then I remembered this:
I LOVE free printables, especially cutesy ones like this! So I printed one off...on purple cardstock of course.

I added a strip of scotch tape over all the pictures, so that we could use stickers (and they'd be removable) instead of crayons or markers to mark off everything we found.
It was a hit!
I will be using this printable again (I sent these ones home with the kids because we didn't finish finding the items). Since we are Canadian, there isn't an abundance of American flags so I may just cover that with a sticker of a Canadian flag next time, but all in all I thought it was fantastic. Even better ALL the girls thought that it was fantastic!

PS- I need HELP!! I am very new to blogging ( as my whopping 3 posts suggest lol) and am pretty sure that there is a better way to link...any help, advice, suggestions would be most appreciated.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

End of the Year Teacher gifts

I can hardly take credit for the ideas...I did make them all by myself though! My son's teacher this year great, she forced him to work really hard and step outta his comfort zone and push himself further than he thought he could! It was a really successful year, so to thank her I wanted to give her something that was handcrafted and useful, as opposed to yet another coffee mug (sorry to all those who give coffee mugs but teachers get ALOT)!
First I made/decorated a clip board because clipboards are FANTASTIC...and good for so many things. I absolutely LOVE the paper I chose to use...might have to make a similar one for myself :)

I also made a necklace charm/pendant thing that I stamped with the word "Teach". Appropriate for a teacher, right!? lol It is made out of regular old washers, I stamped the smaller one and painted the larger one with a really pretty color of ...drum roll please....nail polish! I found that idea on a blog site somewhere, I can't remember where though so who ever it was who came up with that one THANK YOU!!

I hope she enjoys it, as much as my son enjoyed his year with her.
Thanks for reading,

PS- I will work on taking better pictures!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Beginning...

I must say, this being my first attempt at blogging/ journaling/ putting myself out there, I am kinda nervous! I only recently discovered the wonderful world of blogs and am a little addicted (okay, alot addicted) and thought maybe I should push my own envelope and get out there and do it. So here I am. My goals with this, are to push myself to do more, and be more...not quite sure what that means yet, but we'll figure it out as we go :)
I LOVE crafty stuff and don't do it enough, so I plan to chronicle my fun attempts at making stuff. I only recently started sewing (thank you blogland!!) and want to do more, and get good...I'll even be happy with decent!! And I run a dayhome, so I will include fun kid activities, printables and other random stuff. My posts will be a little all over the place...kinda like me I guess, lol!
My sister will also be posting (we share this blog) and I think she'll be a little less scattered than me, but its kinda fun having two completely different view points. So that I think is what this will be in a nutshell.
Later this week I will be posting my end of the year gift for my son's teacher, (eeek the end of grade 2, *tear*).