Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Holidays (the Northern Albertan way)

We just returned from our week long "holiday". Yes. I put holiday in quotations, its because I was technically working during my holiday. We traveled down to Calgary so that I could do a weeklong set courses in Family Literacy. But we were able to include some fun family adventures along the way.
Jurassic Forest- Gibbons, Alberta

We went to Jurassic Forest to see all the life-sized dino's (that are all robotic btw). The kiddo's LOVED it! It was super cool- here's just a small sampling of our pics from that part of our journey.

They had the funniest signs along the pathways. I had to take pics of them, they made me lol!

If you are ever in Northern Alberta- really- you should go see them at Jurassic Forest.

While in Calgary, my hubby really wanted to go to the Big Bass Pro Shop (or something along those lines). I was a little skeptical because he told me that they have a whole whack of stuffed animals (yeah, those creepy dead animals- yeah gross) but it actually wasn't that bad. It was done in a very museum like way, as opposed to creepy hunter cabin (which is what I thought it would be).

And we ofcourse went to the zoo. My poor daughter will forever be scarred by the "evil" gorillas. One of the gorilla's got upset, either by someone's flash or by the snackk he couldn't quite get to, but he punched the glass (really really hard) and it scared the bee-jee-zuz outta my girlie :(

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rainbows make everything better!

What is this you might wonder??
Its... yogurt!! Just regular ol' vanilla yogurt.
Just like this. Now add some food coloring, I like to go with 3 colors.
Now stir :)
Pretty :) And yummy too :)
We like dipping apples into our yogurt. But we use spoons too.
yummm...rainbows make everything better :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

What A HOOT!

So its been awhile (not that I blogged regularly before, but still). I actually made this hat a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to post about it but my internet has been a tad fritzy.

But back to the hat. I am a huge fan of the crochet owl hats; who isn't (get it "who"). The second project I ever crocheted was an owl hat and since I have made like 4 or 5 (something like that). That doesn't seem like a lot but I only started crocheting about 6 months ago, so not too bad (I think).

This particular owl hat I tried something new by adding the pink eyelashes/ eyebrows/ whatever you want to call them and think they turned out pretty cute. I will definitely use them again in the future.

The awesome thing about crocheted animal hats is that patterns aren't necessary; you can make any ol' crocheted hat and just add on shapes to make a face. Though I'm sure if I were to use a pattern the hats would probably come out better haha or the same (crokcheted owl hats tend to all look pretty similar).

I am in the process of making another hat (not animal) that should be finished soon so I shall post again shortly!

Until next time....

What I've been up to......

Man, coming up with titles is hard.

I have been feeling rather uncreative as of late, starting projects, giving up on projects, thinking of projects, not doing projects....although I have managed to accomplish a little. I made myself a shirt, using a free pattern from Burdastyle. Click here for free pattern!
I changed it up a bit from the original pattern, by making a band around the bottom to cinch it in a bit (thus highlighting the still remaining baby pouch). It is such a comfy shirt, probably one of my favorites, because its so light and comfy. Its like wearing my hubby's tees, only better looking :) I love the batwing sleeves too.
And here is a close up of my AWESOME shoes! I love these things (thats why they are a little scuffed) I wear them all the time! I love how they aren't the  same.

And now...dun dun duuun...I need advice/ opinions. Please help. I began making a dress yesterday for my 5 month old, and am a little stuck on the sleeves.
Its kinda hard to tell in this pic, but instead of just using bias tape to make a little spaghetti strap, I sewed it on and then tucked it under and topstitched around the aarm hole...should I undo and just bias tape it or do the weird sew/tuck/flip thing??