Friday, January 6, 2012


Maybe, just maybe if I post my resolutions, I will be more likely to succeed. My youngest will be turning one in March, and I have 30lbs to lose!! Egads!! This is the first baby for me that the weight is not budging...actually thats a bit of a lie. It budged, just in the wrong direction. I somehow gained 10lbs after having her. It hurts my feelings a little bit :(  So like a zillion other people, my goal this year is to lose weight.
I've actually lost 5lbs so far, just by eating breakfast daily. And that was actually resolution #1. Instead of having just the open goal of losing weight, I've broken it down into smaller goals.

1. Eat breakfast everyday. Even if its small, eat something :)
2. No more seconds. I don't need 'em, even if its delicious. I can have it for lunch the next day. No more seconds.
3. Move. Walk, run, ride a bike, yoga...just get moving more!
4. Relax. One bad day is no reason to throw in the week. Each day is its own battle, don't wait for next week to start over.

So thats it. That is my goal this year. And hopefully I'll shed that 30 lbs by summer, just in time to do some wedding dress shopping :D