Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Thought #31


and thus concludes the 31 days of Happy Thoughts.....

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Thought #30

Sorry todays post is a weeee bit late...its been a BUSY BUSY weekend, and I am very quickly popping on to the computer to do this.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Thought #29

So I am stilling having a wee bit of computer issues at the moment and so again this Happy Thought may suck a bit.

What do you call a blind dinosaur???

Idontthinksaurus! HAHA

if that didnt brighten your mood try eating some chocolate or icecream or any comfort food that you prefer.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Thought #28

So you guys are probably wondering "What's today's happy thought?"

That's a good question.... I'm experiencing minor difficulties with the computer I am currently using and as a result am stuck telling a joke.

Why did the scarecrow win an award???

He was outstanding in his field. HAHAHA( I know its pretty lame but it's all I got)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


VOTE NOW!!!! Final round of Crafting on the Sidelines! CLICK here to vote! Please please do :)

And you should totally scroll all the way to bottom of the blog...theres some funny things to ponder :) Have a great Wednesday!

Happy Thought #26

Learn more....

Kinda wish this was my lunch kit, wouldn't that make for awesome lunches everyday- Say goodbye to lunch time boredom!! Especially in the winter here in Canada (Northern Alberta to boot), I'd LOVE to see grass everyday!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Thought #25

So this will probably be my last Happy Thought (wha,wha,whaa)(well not MY last happy thought). Lara will have to continue the Happy Thought giving...posting...thing.

So you're probably thinking "How is this a Happy Thought?" makes me laugh, and that is my only reason for posting this. That is all.

Good Day!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fancy a New Fan???

Isn't she a beaut?? Look at those cute little hearts up there on the blades. So sweet right?? Right?? I know, I know, this is just your typical, plain ol' ceiling fan. Sure the hearts are kinda cute, but aside from that it is dull!Untill of cours I rescued it from complete and utter blandness! So get ready for some awesomeness.....We went from that to this:)
So if you are interested in fancy-fying your own fans (it would look super fantastic in a master bedroom, just sayin') continue reading ....

First you need to remove (and clean if you're like me) the blades.
I chose to go with a scrolly type design. The design I chose was a sticker on Picnik, i just enlarged it so it covered a full page and printed it out. Trace it onto some heat and bond.
Iron it onto some fabric (I went with pink since it was going to be in my daughters room). I probably only used about a fat quarter or so of fabric, it didn't use much at all. Cut it all out, remove the backing and place onto your blade.
This is supposed to show that the shiny side goes down....can't really see the shiny side, but its there. I swear :)
Iron it on. (If you are worried, this is completely removeable...not re-useable though). And
Beautiful :) And simple and you could totally stop there if you wanted. A nice subtle dressing up of an old plain fan....but I said fancy right? So I cut out like a zillion butterflies outta vellum (and I did it by hand because I don't have any fanccy machines) and ended up with
Using a thumbtack I punched holes in the butterfly bodies so that I could string them onto some invisible jewelry thread, fishing line would work just as well though.
Lots of people have made these into mobiles by stringing them onto rings, I just tied the tops into loops and hung them by the screws at the top of the fan blades. I may add more butterflies later, but for now, it is just enough. I love how it turned out, and more importantly so does my daughter :)
I am linking up to Round 4: Home Decor found here on my blog. Go check it out, and vote for someones project. Some awesome ideas to be found :)

Happy Thought #24

Oh my...I just realized my sister (the other 1/2 of this blog) is going away and it will most likely be up to me to finish the month's worth of HAppy Thoughts. Pressures on.

This one made me laugh, so it actually became my fb profile pic for awhile. And now, its time for me to get it started in here.

*Almost finished my Round 4 project... if you'd like to enter just link up here! There is still time*

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Thought #22

For your enjoyment today please click right here. Trust me, you will not be sorry. Totally worth it. I literally LMAO!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Thought #21

Thought I would take a more serious route with my happy thought of the day... also buys chocolate, which is even better than marshmallows

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Thought #20

Thankfully I don't have kids yet and don't have to worry about it. So I'm taking advantage of my childless-ness to have a chuckle at those with children (and have to put up with the "Rules")and that makes me happy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Thought #19

I recently decided to look for work elsewhere and found this picture fitting hahaha.

ROUND 4!!!!

Round 4 for the Crafting with the Stars and the Crafting on the Sidelines challenge at Northeast of Eden is
So on Monday October 24 link up your home decor projects for the Sideline Challenge and on Tuesday link up at the Crafting with the Stars challenge, and you might win a big ol' ego boost at one and actual prizes at the other!
Ready, set, CRAFT!
I over the next few days will figure out how to set up a link party as its my turn to host this round. Wish me luck :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Elena's Blankie

This week's theme in Crafting with the Stars/on the Sidelines was Fabric. Yay!! I was planning this project even before I knew the theme, so it worked out perfectly for me :) It is my first blanket, and was an awesome/easy one to start with. Here's where I found the tutorial. I had to alter it a bit, because I only had 5 fabrics that I wanted to use, not 7 and mine is a tad (one or two panels) shorter than theirs. Its the perfect size though, for on the floor, and when Elena is big enough for the toddler bed. I tried it out on her sisters bed, and it is exactly the right size.
I am so pleased with how it turned out. My other two kids are now a little jealous that they didn't get one, so I am now on the prowl for some good fabrics for theirs...maybe it'll be Christmas presents. :)
And I tried mitered corners, they need alot  a little work, but for the first time doing them, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

And that is my submission, please go vote here at Northeast of Eden. Good luck to me, because there has been some insanely awesome projects coming out of people.

Happy Thought #17

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Thought #16

Its getting cold up here in the great white North- not this cold yet though, thank goodness!!
and I have a kid friendly joke for you today too ....
What is a clear gas that smells like carrots??

Bunny farts!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Thought #15

"Wooaaahh!" Happy thought: Even Polar bears look silly when they slip and fall haha

Friday, October 14, 2011

Jack-O-Lanterns for the Kiddo's (all ages)

This is one of my FAVORITE things to make with the kids at this time of year. I did it when I taught Playschool( 3 and 4yr olds) and I did it this year with my dayhome kids (2 and 3 yr olds). My almost 8yr old even did one, its that fun! Because I've done it with large groups of kids, I've always broken it down into a 3day project, but you really don't have to.
Here's how I do it :)
Day 1: Stuff your bags. {I used an old phone book, ripped into long strips and we crumbled, and crumbled and crumbled some. Our pumpkins are stuffed pretty tightly, we used ALOT of paper to do these}
Tie off with some rubber bands to close the paper bags.
And now you will havea bunch of stuffed, brown bags :)
Day 2: Paint your bags.
Pretty self-sxplanatory I know

and now you will have a bunch of orange stuffed bags....almost there
Day 3: Jack-ify your bags. I cut out a bunch of shapes {triangles, circles, smiles, etc} and let the kids pick their faces. Because I had younger kids who love glue, I pre-glued the pieces and just let them stick them on. They turned out AWESOME!!!
A close up of my daughters Jack-o-Lantern. The other kids were so excited about theirs that I didn't get too many pictures lol.

I hope you try this with your kids, and I'd love to pictures if you do :)

Happy Thought #14

I know what you're thinking- this is NOTa happy thought or image in any way shape or form. Its really quite scary, and I think I may have scarred my retinas. And why does he have pugs posing with him??? I know because these were my thoughts too the first time I seen it.

The joy in this picture is the sharing of it. So go ahead, share it with a friend, and smile knowing that you've burned a naked Hoff into someone elses brain-MWA HAHAHAHA!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Puh-lease Vote!!

I've been casually mentioning every once in awhile the Crafting on the Sideline Challenge that I've been doing. And even though there is no actual prizes, I do have some pride on the line :)
So please go vote, and it doesn't have to be for my entry (although if ya want too, that would be great)! There is alot of awesomeness to be seen!!

And in other exciting news, we have 10 followers now YAY!! 15 more and we'll do a giveaway of EPIC proportions!!! Well maybe not epic, but it'll be pretty cool :) Take my word for it, it'll be good.

Happy Thought #13

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Thought #11

Thankfully I wasn't the one to find the people commiting these acts hahaha and that's a happy thought.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Upcycle Challenge

Okay, well, first of all
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!
So it's been a busy weekend for me. My brother-in-law's birthday was Friday, Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws on Saturday, trip to the city on Sunday and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner today, whewww! Lucky for me though my sister came over and together we whipped up ...
I even snapped pics throughout the proccess to walk you through it if you're interested in jazzing up a pair of your own kicks. I'm sure there is some better tutorials out there somewhere in the blog-o-sphere but w/evs lol.
Begin with a dull pair of shoes (yawn).
I then cut off the weird black strappy things.
(Its wet, thats why its all shiny and strange looking) But look, better already!
While that was all going on, my dear sweet sister Gillian was busy modpodging some fabric. This is an important step. DO NOT FORGET this part. Modpodge your fabric first!!!
Let it dry (I know you know this, but it still needs to be said)
Now you can start sticking the fabric to the shoe. Gillian modpodged the shoe, applied the fabric and trimmed the excess afterwards. {We had a few failed attempts at creating templates}
While she was busy doing all this work, I was cooking a DEEELISH turkey dinner, mmmmmm so good. I also created some cord outta embroidery floss to run along the edges, cover up any yucky ends and whatnot.
Please note, my fingers are at a weird angle, its not weird fingers lol. Had to straighten that out :P
To finish up, I hotglued the cord around the edges and
New Shoes :)