Monday, October 10, 2011

Upcycle Challenge

Okay, well, first of all
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!
So it's been a busy weekend for me. My brother-in-law's birthday was Friday, Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws on Saturday, trip to the city on Sunday and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner today, whewww! Lucky for me though my sister came over and together we whipped up ...
I even snapped pics throughout the proccess to walk you through it if you're interested in jazzing up a pair of your own kicks. I'm sure there is some better tutorials out there somewhere in the blog-o-sphere but w/evs lol.
Begin with a dull pair of shoes (yawn).
I then cut off the weird black strappy things.
(Its wet, thats why its all shiny and strange looking) But look, better already!
While that was all going on, my dear sweet sister Gillian was busy modpodging some fabric. This is an important step. DO NOT FORGET this part. Modpodge your fabric first!!!
Let it dry (I know you know this, but it still needs to be said)
Now you can start sticking the fabric to the shoe. Gillian modpodged the shoe, applied the fabric and trimmed the excess afterwards. {We had a few failed attempts at creating templates}
While she was busy doing all this work, I was cooking a DEEELISH turkey dinner, mmmmmm so good. I also created some cord outta embroidery floss to run along the edges, cover up any yucky ends and whatnot.
Please note, my fingers are at a weird angle, its not weird fingers lol. Had to straighten that out :P
To finish up, I hotglued the cord around the edges and
New Shoes :)


  1. Those turned out really cute! What a great idea!

  2. so fun, would have never thought of this! love your idea.

    saw you on ta-da tuesday.

  3. Thanks :) It was kind of a rush project but it turned out pretty fun!

  4. Fantastic! I love shoes that no else has!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Really incredible! Did you want to host fourth round? I lost my email of who wanted to host--it's fun but no pressure!


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