Monday, October 24, 2011

Fancy a New Fan???

Isn't she a beaut?? Look at those cute little hearts up there on the blades. So sweet right?? Right?? I know, I know, this is just your typical, plain ol' ceiling fan. Sure the hearts are kinda cute, but aside from that it is dull!Untill of cours I rescued it from complete and utter blandness! So get ready for some awesomeness.....We went from that to this:)
So if you are interested in fancy-fying your own fans (it would look super fantastic in a master bedroom, just sayin') continue reading ....

First you need to remove (and clean if you're like me) the blades.
I chose to go with a scrolly type design. The design I chose was a sticker on Picnik, i just enlarged it so it covered a full page and printed it out. Trace it onto some heat and bond.
Iron it onto some fabric (I went with pink since it was going to be in my daughters room). I probably only used about a fat quarter or so of fabric, it didn't use much at all. Cut it all out, remove the backing and place onto your blade.
This is supposed to show that the shiny side goes down....can't really see the shiny side, but its there. I swear :)
Iron it on. (If you are worried, this is completely removeable...not re-useable though). And
Beautiful :) And simple and you could totally stop there if you wanted. A nice subtle dressing up of an old plain fan....but I said fancy right? So I cut out like a zillion butterflies outta vellum (and I did it by hand because I don't have any fanccy machines) and ended up with
Using a thumbtack I punched holes in the butterfly bodies so that I could string them onto some invisible jewelry thread, fishing line would work just as well though.
Lots of people have made these into mobiles by stringing them onto rings, I just tied the tops into loops and hung them by the screws at the top of the fan blades. I may add more butterflies later, but for now, it is just enough. I love how it turned out, and more importantly so does my daughter :)
I am linking up to Round 4: Home Decor found here on my blog. Go check it out, and vote for someones project. Some awesome ideas to be found :)


  1. So pretty! I love this idea. Luci has a white fan in her room and now I want to do this when we fix her room up. Great idea!

  2. That was a very cute improvement. Great job!

  3. Thanks! I've been eyeing up some pretty new light fixtures on Pinterest (that cost an arm and a leg) and this was a decent copy :) That cost nothing at all- BONUS!!

  4. This is so pretty! Great job!

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. thanks for offering a place to link up :)

  6. So sweet! we did butterflies similar to this in my daughters room once, but they became tangled after running the fan - are you having better luck? any tips?

  7. I haven't ran the fan yet, we'll see how they work come summer again. I can see it not working super good, buuuut I did space them out a bit so maybe??


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