Friday, October 14, 2011

Jack-O-Lanterns for the Kiddo's (all ages)

This is one of my FAVORITE things to make with the kids at this time of year. I did it when I taught Playschool( 3 and 4yr olds) and I did it this year with my dayhome kids (2 and 3 yr olds). My almost 8yr old even did one, its that fun! Because I've done it with large groups of kids, I've always broken it down into a 3day project, but you really don't have to.
Here's how I do it :)
Day 1: Stuff your bags. {I used an old phone book, ripped into long strips and we crumbled, and crumbled and crumbled some. Our pumpkins are stuffed pretty tightly, we used ALOT of paper to do these}
Tie off with some rubber bands to close the paper bags.
And now you will havea bunch of stuffed, brown bags :)
Day 2: Paint your bags.
Pretty self-sxplanatory I know

and now you will have a bunch of orange stuffed bags....almost there
Day 3: Jack-ify your bags. I cut out a bunch of shapes {triangles, circles, smiles, etc} and let the kids pick their faces. Because I had younger kids who love glue, I pre-glued the pieces and just let them stick them on. They turned out AWESOME!!!
A close up of my daughters Jack-o-Lantern. The other kids were so excited about theirs that I didn't get too many pictures lol.

I hope you try this with your kids, and I'd love to pictures if you do :)

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