Saturday, October 1, 2011

My First Knock-Off!!

I am following along with the Crafting with the Stars competition (and the Crafting on the sidelines competition) and was therefore challenged to do a knock-off.
The necklace is also a knock-off, seen something similar at Anthropologie

It could be anything, I mean ANYTHING. Really, you can knock off pretty much anything. I decided to not only knock-off but also upcycle as well. That scores me extra points....right??
I can pretend :)
Goodbye ugly mom sweater, and HELLO cute toddler sweater dress

Anyways, being the uber-proud Canadian that I am, I decided to rip off some GapCanada dresses :) My version is kinda a hybrid of two dresses (taking the parts I liked best about each) and will get ALOT of wear this fall/winter.
Dress numero 1 has a sweet little hood which I love and I really like the simpleness of the second ones shape.
My sister made the Owl Hat, works perfect with the dress. Think this may become a go-to outfit :)
Love the length and the hood, and who doesn't love pink zebras??
It looks so comfy cozy. I'm a little jealous.

Go to Northeast of Eden to vote for your favorite project of Crafting on the Sidelines (Oct 4th). Please vote for the side competition at Sew Dang Cute as well (that'll be up for votes on the 5th of October!)
Thank you muchly :)


  1. The dress is adorable! (and so is her hat)!

  2. Thank you! It was sooo easy, it only took me a couple hours from start to finish (love projects like that) and my sister makes AMAZING hats.

  3. extra points - YES!! It is absolutely adorable!! I need a boy version!


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