Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Namaste Beee-otch!!

Yes. I know. Not the most polite title out in the blog-o-sphere. Also not the worst though :) Gotta count for something!
Anyways, I seen this bag on Pinterest awhile ago and my sister pretty much demanded it. Since her birthday was quickly approaching, I thought okay, this is doo-able. You know, some freezer paper (I haven't tried it yet, but according to the many tutorials out there, its easy enough), black fabric paint and a bag = done. Riiiiight. Because apparently Canada does not believe in freezer paper. Grrrrr.
But a promise is a promise is a promise (as I tell my kids) and this bag needed to be done. So I thought to myself that I could jazz it up and do it applique style. Yes. Awesome. And its a bag so I shouldn't need to stitch around everything once I've heat &bonded the letters. Riiiiight. For whatever reason my glue did not stick that well. But what/evs, I've got a great sewing machine, easy peasy. Riiiiiight. Bag was too big, too bulky, and my skills could not handle it. Okay, so I'll hand sew. That can't be that bad, right?? Right?? WRONG! It probably took me 4 or 5 hours (thats right, HOURS) to hand sew each stupid letter!!
But now my sister will get a lovely new bag, that is absolutely one of a kind, that I think is better than the inspiration bag. Made completely by hand (literally) minus the bag- it was a clearance buy ($1.97 sah-weet).
With kinda wonky stitching to showcase all the love that went into it lol. Thats totally what I was going for, totally wasn't going for perfection....(I suck at handsewing, probably why it took 5hrs!)
I really like the lotus though. Inspiration bag didn't have that :P Anyways, there it is. Happy Belated Gillian, your present is only 10 days late :) Not too bad, not too bad at all.

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