Monday, September 5, 2011

Dun dun dun!!

And here it is...
My audition piece for Crafting with the Stars. I made the skirt, its still a little big, but thats okay cause I kinda really love it :) and refashioned the cardi from a top.
I also made the matching head band which I also really love. All in all, I am pretty happy with how it all turned out and whether it gets me into the final twelve or not we will see.
But either way, I have a little girl who absolutely loves all its ruffley sweetness. And thats what really matters.
And she got to take pictures wearing fancy shoes, which was the highlight of her day lol. Just like her momma. Gotta love shoes.

Anyhoo- good luck to me. And goal 1 of September complete. Next up...Create with Me on UCreate. Thats my next goal, but first need to buy some stuff. Also on my list, a pettiskirt for my daughters 3rd birthday, ruffled streamers and a bunch of decorations and favors...apparently we've gotta a busy month ahead.


  1. Very cute. Is that one of the t-shirts I sent to you? You need a front view though. Cayley is so big and grown up looking. I am going to check out your other posts while I am at it. And good luck to you too.

  2. Yes, it is one of the shirts you sent me. I don't have a front view because we don't really wanna put the kids on the web in full view, so I try to hide their faces :) Although I should post a pic of the front of the cardi- it has cute little bows on the pockets :)

  3. This was really pretty, and your photography of it, too.-- you should have been nominated for crafting with the stars, (i didn't make the cut, either. ) would you want to "craft from the sidelines??"


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