Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Get your Craft on...deadline's comin'

Hurry hurry hurry!! October 3rd is coming quick, and that is the deadline for your submission to Crafting on the Sidelines (a knockoff/we wish we were you version of Crafting with the Stars). SewDangCute is also hosting a side competition with a chance to win PRIZES!!!! We will offer the winner each some mad props and respect (that counts for something right-everyone wants mad props!!)
*******disclaimer: I mean mad props like the kids would say (it means respect and kudos)
 not actual angry prop items**************

Anyways link up your projects as you crank 'em out so we can all revel in your crafting awesomeness!
This weeks theme is KNOCK OFFso copy, improve upon or be inspired by something already made in stores or online! {I sound like a commercial}

It'll be a nailbiter for sure!

Here's where to go to link up- and to get a better explanation than I gave :)

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