Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Gramma

I am so into the hand-stamped jewelry, especially the washers. They are so casual, and easy to wear. Apparently they were big last year, but I'm from a small town in Canada and we are "soooo last year" lol. It takes awhile for trends to hit us here.
I made one for my mom, it says "Gramma" on the front and all her grandkids names on the back ( sorry for the double 'l' on Elena's name, my stamp jumped and I pretended it didn't) and one for myself that says Mom on the front and all my kids names on the back (which coincidently is all the grandkids). I strung it on some leather cord, and attached some clasps- Mom your clasp is really pretty- and TA DA some hip, personalized jewelry using stuff you can buy at the hardware store.


  1. I will wear my necklace with pride!!

  2. What did you use to attach the leather cord to the washer? I love the look, but can't figure out what it is or how you did it.

  3. I used a head pin (thats what I put the bead on) and wrapped it around the washer, and made a teeny loop at the top, and stuck a jump ring in it and then just knotted my cord around that. I can do up a tute if my quick explanation sucks lol.


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