Wednesday, June 22, 2011

End of the Year Teacher gifts

I can hardly take credit for the ideas...I did make them all by myself though! My son's teacher this year great, she forced him to work really hard and step outta his comfort zone and push himself further than he thought he could! It was a really successful year, so to thank her I wanted to give her something that was handcrafted and useful, as opposed to yet another coffee mug (sorry to all those who give coffee mugs but teachers get ALOT)!
First I made/decorated a clip board because clipboards are FANTASTIC...and good for so many things. I absolutely LOVE the paper I chose to use...might have to make a similar one for myself :)

I also made a necklace charm/pendant thing that I stamped with the word "Teach". Appropriate for a teacher, right!? lol It is made out of regular old washers, I stamped the smaller one and painted the larger one with a really pretty color of ...drum roll please....nail polish! I found that idea on a blog site somewhere, I can't remember where though so who ever it was who came up with that one THANK YOU!!

I hope she enjoys it, as much as my son enjoyed his year with her.
Thanks for reading,

PS- I will work on taking better pictures!


  1. I love the clipboard too!!! My kind of stuff!!!

  2. I keep asking for a clipboard and I suggested posting it on your blog. Then I saw this post and realized it was already done!!! I love you guys.


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