Friday, June 24, 2011

A GREAT free printable for your kids!

Yesterday, as most Thursdays go, I found myself needing a quick activity to do with my girls (age 2-3) that didn't require alot of effort, planning or time. With only about 30 minutes to go untill lunch, it needed to be EASY. And then I remembered this:
I LOVE free printables, especially cutesy ones like this! So I printed one off...on purple cardstock of course.

I added a strip of scotch tape over all the pictures, so that we could use stickers (and they'd be removable) instead of crayons or markers to mark off everything we found.
It was a hit!
I will be using this printable again (I sent these ones home with the kids because we didn't finish finding the items). Since we are Canadian, there isn't an abundance of American flags so I may just cover that with a sticker of a Canadian flag next time, but all in all I thought it was fantastic. Even better ALL the girls thought that it was fantastic!

PS- I need HELP!! I am very new to blogging ( as my whopping 3 posts suggest lol) and am pretty sure that there is a better way to link...any help, advice, suggestions would be most appreciated.

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