Friday, August 12, 2011

What A HOOT!

So its been awhile (not that I blogged regularly before, but still). I actually made this hat a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to post about it but my internet has been a tad fritzy.

But back to the hat. I am a huge fan of the crochet owl hats; who isn't (get it "who"). The second project I ever crocheted was an owl hat and since I have made like 4 or 5 (something like that). That doesn't seem like a lot but I only started crocheting about 6 months ago, so not too bad (I think).

This particular owl hat I tried something new by adding the pink eyelashes/ eyebrows/ whatever you want to call them and think they turned out pretty cute. I will definitely use them again in the future.

The awesome thing about crocheted animal hats is that patterns aren't necessary; you can make any ol' crocheted hat and just add on shapes to make a face. Though I'm sure if I were to use a pattern the hats would probably come out better haha or the same (crokcheted owl hats tend to all look pretty similar).

I am in the process of making another hat (not animal) that should be finished soon so I shall post again shortly!

Until next time....

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