Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Heeeere's Jack!

I'm sure by this point, you've probably heard of "The Elf on a Shelf", or seen pictures of him. He is EVERYWHERE right now, all over blogs and pinterest (that totally counts as everywhere). Well, I didn't really feel like coughing up the $40ish for the actual one. Plus I wasn't really feeling that elf. Sorry to everyone who loves him...he's alright, just not my type. lol. So I figured I'd give making my own a go, and for my trial elf I am happy that we decided to go that route. I think I may make a couple more before we decide on our elf, but homemade is just better, IMO.
I found a free pattern here, that I adapted slighty to suit my elf. I pointed the hat, and curved the toe of the shoes. It was an AWESOME pattern to work with.
I tried to make bendy arms and legs by adding wire, but it didn't work out super well. It does bend, but its kinda wonky. W/E, not a big deal.
I added some rosy cheeks by rubbing a pink crayon onto the apples of Jacks cheeks. And I totally (not) made his smile crooked on purpose! And I thought I'd even throw an easy little printable out here for those of you who want a little story to go with your Elf (and are also not wanting the Elf on a Shelf kit). I know I am totally ripping off that idea, but I'm choosing to call it inspired by instead. Sounds better :)
Just click on the pic, and you should be able to print or save it. Hopefully. If not, shoot me an email and I can send it to you.

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